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Deficiency of Empathy: Sometimes she really experienced no issue or being familiar with why individuals dislike her, even when she just purchased a complete village slaughtered.

She has two in the next episode of the main period. Initial when she realizes that Emma's arrival has made the clock tower start running.

be one of these, since it depends upon Emma, who would not even exist at time in the system's inception, getting some quite precise steps.

Hope Is Terrifying: The key reason why she offers Tinkerbell for why she ran faraway from a 2nd prospect at love when Tinkerbell made an effort to help her. She seems to have gotten past it some by enabling Henry into her existence, however.

In time 3, Peter Pan presents him a doll that was the last gift his father gave him just before leaving him. Gold threw it off a cliff and it fell before him a brief time later on.

His very own father was, Otherwise abusive, within the quite the very least neglectful. He happily remaining his son with a handful of spinsters so he could head out and swindle men and women.

Dying Declaration of Love: When Mr. Gold is poisoned by Hook's poisoned hook, he phone calls the amnesiac Belle and, without likely in the the background of your Enchanted Forest, tells her that she may not don't forget who she is but he is familiar see it here with her for being a wonderful, gorgeous, smart, and heroic woman.

Rumpelstiltskin/Gold in no way does anything that does not provide his own ends by some means. Even endeavoring to reconnect with Bae once they are reunited and seeking to revive Belle's shed Recollections are all to pandora i love to travel suitcase charm make sure that Gold can fill the empty void in his soul.

See Awful Judge of Character under. She just isn't incapable of being familiar with deep feelings and selflessness: she undeniably herself demonstrates it on occasion. It is apparently strange to her that anyone else would care about these things, as she missing religion in humanity.

, at which position he switches the daggers. After that, he is willing to let the Snow Queen kill everyone in Storybrooke if it allows him to gain the hat's electricity, free himself on the dagger, and depart Storybrooke with Belle without anyone (which includes her) obtaining read this out what he's nearly.

While in the period three finale, she blames Emma for ruining her romance with Robin Hood, when she will save Maid Marian from her dungeon (she had no idea who she was, she just did not want to leave her to die) and brings her back to Storybrooke While It is really her fault for the reason that she was warned multiple situations that casting the Dark Curse would leave a void in her heart she would never

Hidden Agenda Villain: Rumpelstiltskin's overarching target is to get his son back and he manipulates Anyone and everything to work in the direction of that target, particularly to locate a magic bean that can open a portal between worlds. Just a treasured handful of figures learn this.

Guile Hero: He is quite damn cunning for his age. He tracks down his birth mother, creating an in depth cross-state excursion to seek out her on his have.

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